Senri Kawaguchi Akitoshi Kuroda Tetsuo Sakurai Jun Abe and Gustavo Anacleto

《アルバム「Buena Vista」発売記念ライブ映像》
【演奏曲名】Onyx / 松野”Kay-Ta”啓太 作曲
【メンバー】Dr:川口千里, Key:安部潤, Ba:櫻井哲夫, Gt:松野”Kay-Ta”啓太, Sax:グスターボ・アナクレート

タイトルは「Senri Kawaguchi Live Tour 2014 “Buena Vista”」

1. See You Much Later
2. Onyx
3. The Phoenix
4. All This Love
5. Young Hawk
6. Wonderland In The Sky
7. Real Life
8. Send One Your Love
9. The HUNT
10. Spring In Lviv
11. Tombo in 7/4
12. Infinite Possibility

2nd Album “Buena Vista” Release Memorial Live at NAGOYA THE BOTTOM LINE on Aug. 20, 2014.

[Song Title] Onyx / composed by Kay-Ta Matsuno

[Members] Senri Kawaguchi (Drums), Jun Abe (Key Boards), Tetsuo Sakurai (Bass), Kay-Ta Matsuno (Guitar), Gustavo Anacleto (Saxophone)

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